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This sector has experienced change at a phenomenal rate since the private sewers bill and in addition to health & safety still being the number one priority the focus also needs to be customer experience.

Utilities are looking for competitive pricing coupled with excellent customer service. These expectations must be balanced with rising fuel costs, as well as regulatory and environmental pressures. In the water sector, with the increasing importance of C-Mex (Customer and developer services experience - Ofwat), customer service has a material and direct impact on profitability. Factor in the more frequent severe weather events we’ve been experiencing, and the need to be able to rapidly scale or repurpose resources to react and to communicate with customers is greater than ever.

IWJS already work and have long-term framework contracts with some of the biggest brands in this sector, creating pioneering partnerships that have contributed to our continued success. By moving from in-house service provision to a specialist third-party provider like IWJS , your organisation can benefit from economies of scale, a range of expertise and flexible resources, as well as flexible delivery options. We have a wealth of experience of service delivery, people management, customer management and effective IT.