CCTV Pipeline and Asset Inspection

Our full range includes:

  • SONAR/Gyro investigation
  • Float-through
  • Walk-through
  • Manhole surveys
  • 360 degree laser profiling using the Clever-scan laser manhole scanner
  • Remote working capability
  • Explosion proof equipment to Zone O specification
  • Dye-testing
  • WINCAN-VX software providing accurate reporting and quotation
  • Mapped results on to CAD, O/S tile using in-house team

From pre-planning and refurbishment to the operation and maintenance of underground infrastructure assets — such as sewers, drains, ducting and culverts — we can accurately identify and map assets providing GPS coordinates, accurate measurements, condition, construction, direction of flow, depth and defect reporting to industry standards. We offer full surveys to our clients, including float-through and walk-through, using digital cameras, software and bespoke techniques — even in hazardous environments where only intrinsically safe equipment can be deployed. Asset information is quickly uploaded and viewed using cloud-based data storage and reporting.