Connectivity & GPS Location

Our full range includes:

GPS asset mapping and connectivity surveys

In areas where developments are planned or utility projects are scheduled, IWJS can now provide a full utility-mapping service to identify sub-service features, using a combination of innovative survey techniques.

Our underground infrastructure surveys are primarily used during project design stage, so appropriate measures are taken to avoid service conflicts and to quantify the scope of any service re-alignment works, etc.

Our radio detection and ground penetrating radar techniques are also used to confirm and complement existing as-built drawings and other records prior to development and excavation operations. Our robust and thorough field procedures ensure that our customers benefit from the best available results. Survey results can be delivered in a variety of formats, from surface marking to AutoCADĀ® geo-referenced drawing files. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), our trained utility surveyors can locate and mark underground utilities including:

  • Metallic pipes
  • Power and communication cabling pipework
  • Non-metallic pipes such as concrete or clay sewers
  • Plastic gas or water mains

GPR works by transmitting impulses of UHF/VHF frequency electromagnetic energy from a moving antenna, which are propagated into the ground. Reflections are generated at any subsurface boundary where an electrical contrast is present. The reflected signals are detected by the antenna receiver and digitally stored by the control console for post-survey processing and interpretation.