Jetting & Cleansing Services

Our full range includes:

When undertaking cleansing and jetting services on underground infrastructure, such as sewers, we have a variety of specialist jetting heads to de-silt, de-scale and root cut as required. Our fleet includes trailer mounted jet packs, combi-units, recyclers and tankers in order to deal with a wide range of diameters and volume of silt or blockage encountered during cleaning operations. We also have all terrain vehicles to enable us to gain access to remote locations. Specialist cleaning includes: treatment works, pumping stations, wet and dry wells and highway tunnel infrastructure.


  • Fleet ranging from: two to eight wheelers, front and rear steer, both rigid and artic vehicles
  • EURO 6 engines on all fleet
  • Fleet fitted with cloud facilities
  • Tracked via satellite through smart phone technology
  • Silver FORS specification
  • Vehicles carry chapter 8 Traffic Management
  • Fleet under 85 decibels
  • Specialist jetting heads, chain, chisel, saw, bomb, warthog, sled, floor, underwater and back jet
  • Two jetting reels
  • 200 metres of jetting hose