Sewer Rehabilitation & No-Dig Rehabilitation

Our full range includes:

IWJS offers the full range of ‘no-dig’ or ‘trenchless’ sewer repairs. By avoiding expensive and disruptive civil works, repairs can be carried out in a reduced timescale and with greater safety.

Our specialist repair service covers a comprehensive range of applications including:

  • UV, Hot & Cold cure drain and sewer lining
  • Drain and sewer patch repairs
  • Lateral cutting
  • Large pipework joint sealing
  • Water ingress repair solutions
  • Manhole repairs and protective coatings

All types and sizes of sewer systems can be repaired using a number of techniques and our teams work in conjunction with CCTV surveys and sewer cleaning operators to provide the full package.

Technical information

CIPP Lining from 100 to 2500 mm diameter including the ability to line around 90 degree bends for pipes greater than 225mm.

  • We can supply either Polyester or Epoxy resin products
  • Patch repairs from 100mm to 1200mm diameter
  • Lateral/robotic Cutting up to 650mm diameter pipework

UV Saertex ‘S’ liners

The UVS- liner we install is manufactured by Saertex, Uniquely, it is unlike any other liner in terms of performance, the main features being:

  • 70yr life expectancy
  • Strength test is up to 10x stronger than standard liners
  • It is thinner than many liners giving improved flow performance
  • Undertaken 10,000 and 20,000 hour load testing
  • Exova* & WRc tested and approved.